Audi quattro rally cars heading to Eifel Rallye Festival

Audi has announced plans to bring a couple of quattro rally cars to this year’s Eife Rallye Festival (July 24-26). The show is being organized in Daun, Germany and is described by Audi as being the “mecca” for those who are fans of glory days of rallying during the 70s and 80s. Audi AG’s heritage department Audi Tradition will be at the show starting today together with well-known rally drivers Stig Stig Blomqvist and Harald Demuth.

At the 2014 Eife Rallye Festival, Audi will be showcasing two of their most important quattro rally cars ever: Audi Rallye quattro A2 and Audi Sport quattro. The company’s greatest triumph in the rallying era occurred three decades ago when Stig Blomqvist from Sweden helped Audi win both drivers’ and manufacturers’ titles in the World Rally Championship (WRC). In the same year but at a national level, Harald Demuth took the win in the German Rally Championship.

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Harald Demuth is going to drive an original Audi Rallye quattro A2 in the special stages of the event while Stig Blomqvist will be behind the wheel of the Audi Sport quattro. It should be mentioned the Audi Sport quattro was actually a development of the Audi Rallye quattro A2, the latter packing 360 PS and managing to win two manufacturers’ titles as well as two drivers’ titles.

As for the Audi Sport quattro rally car, this one generated 420 PS and had a 30cm shortened wheelbase which is why it’s known as the “short quattro.” The car which will be at the 2014 Eife Rallye Festival is actually the same vehicle which took second place in the Monte Carlo Rally back in 1985.

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