Audi Q9 could be in the works to take on the BMW X7, Mercedes GLS

At the moment, Audi’s largest SUV is the Q7. While it’s not the most expensive SUV in the brand’s lineup, it’s the one that fits the most passengers. However, despite actually seating seven passengers, the Q7 is a bit small when compared to some of the offerings from its main competitors. Both the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class are true seven-seat SUVs that positively dwarf the Audi Q7. So we’re hearing a rumor that the folks in Ingolstadt are working on a new SUV to compete with its German rivals — the Audi Q9.


According to German publication Auto Bild, Audi is working on a Q9 SUV to take on the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class directly. It would be considerably larger than the current Q7 and have a third row that could actually fit adults, just like the other two. While there are no other details about such a car, Auto Bild claims the Audi Q9 could come between now and 2022.

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It honestly makes sense for Audi to make a Q9 SUV. Both of its main competitors play in that segment; the massive, overly expensive and luxurious segment. So it only makes sense for Audi to jump into the mix. Those sorts of cars also make car companies boatloads of money, so why would Audi want to sit on the sidelines while its main competitors rake in the dough?


The fact of the matter is that it probably doesn’t want to but has been waiting for the right time. If this report is any accurate, that right time is likely very soon and we could be seeing a massive three-row Q9 within the year.

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There’s some added speculation in the report that claims a potential Audi 600 hp RS Q9 to also be in the works but that honestly seems unlikely.


[Source: AutoBild]
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