Audi Q8 tuned by ABT Sportsline looks great

The Audi Q8 is starting to grow on me. I thought it was too fussy looking and too brutish, especially with that massive, gaping grille. And it still isn’t beautiful. But it’s growing on me. From many angles, it looks really sporty, really aggressive and surprisingly handsome. Of course, from some angles, it’s still a bit ungainly (like from the front three-quarters). But if you own an Audi Q8 and you want it to look even sportier, and pack even more of a punch, then go see the people at ABT Sportsline.

ABT is now offering a tuning package for the Q8 and it brings a considerable bump in power, along with some added visual aggression. For the outside, you can choose from a variety of ABT’s wheel options but this one is wearing 22-inch ABT Sport GRs with a mystic black finish and diamond-turned accents. And, of course, it has black accents throughout the car, making it very aggressive looking. Though, if we were to make a request, it would be that ABT offers some real exhaust tips for the Q8, to replace the heinous fake ones on the stock car.

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In terms of performance, ABT offers a tune for the 3.0 TDI engine, which is the only engine available in Europe. The stock Q8 makes 286 hp and 442 lb-ft of torque, while the ABT-tuned car makes 330 hp and 479 lb-ft. That’s not a huge bump in power but it should be noticeable on the road. The torque figure of the stock car is already high, so the added lb-ft won’t be too noticeable. What will be noticed, though, is the extra horsepower, which will give the engine some more top-end power, making it more fun.

While we’re not located in Europe, if we were and we bought a Q8, we’d absolutely take it to ABT. That little bump in power is certainly enough to make the car more fun and the added visual upgrades help make the Audi Q8 look even better.

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