VIDEO: Watch a Craftsman Make an Audi Q7 Out of Wood

There are some people who are using their quarantine time more wisely than others. While some people are binge-watching what they missed in Narcos, others are using their time to create. This woodworker, who admittedly makes incredible things from wood on a daily basis not just in quarantine, has made an Audi Q7 scale model that would shame most store-bought scale models. From wood.


In this video, you get to see the entire process, from start to finish. The car starts out as three blocks of wood and, slowly, those three blocks of wood turn into a scale Audi Q7 and it’s even the facelifted model, too.

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It’s genuinely remarkable to watch this craftsman work. Watching him first draw out the car’s overall shape on blocks and use a bandsaw to cut those shapes out and you start to see how it’s all going to come out. What you can’t see at first is just how detailed it’s going to become. This wooden Audi Q7 Facelift, by the time he’s done, not only looks like the rear car but has functioning doors, hood, trunk lid, wheels, windows and even a cargo cover for the trunk. It’s genuinely remarkable.


He even goes as far as to chisel the front and rear parking sensors into the grilles. That’s an attention to detail that most Germans would find extreme.

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When you open the doors, you see seats. When you open the hood, you see an engine cover and when you open the trunk lid, you see a cargo cover. Off of which are made from wood. The wheels turn and the model can roll around for real and it even has suspension (!). He not only built the body but a chassis as well with turning front wheels and rear shocks, made from little springs inside wooden shock towers. It’s incredible. Have a watch.

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