Audi Q7 driver stops in the middle of the road after gas light comes on

The driver of a first generation Audi Q7 stopped in a busy lane on a motorway in UK after the vehicle’s gas light came on. It happened earlier this month on the M25 road between Godstone and Sevenoaks in United Kingdom when the woman driver of the full-size SUV panicked when the fuel light came on so she decided to just stop the car on lane three of the motorway.

Needless to say, police were called and arrived at the scene as soon as possible after someone called to report that the Audi Q7 broke down between junctions 6 for Godstone and 5 for Sevenoaks on the anti-clockwise carriageway. Upon arrival, the police authorities were surprised to find out that there was nothing mechanically wrong with the car.

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A spokeswoman for the Surrey Police said that the woman was not very familiar with the Q7 because she doesn’t usually drive the car and was confused when the gas light came on. The police provided the driver with the necessary advice and directions to the nearby gas station to fill up the gas tank of the SUV.

Note: Attached image is only for illustrative purposes. Does not depict the car mentioned in the article.

via Telegraph

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