Audi Q6 to get plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell variants

According to Car & Driver, the Audi Q6 lineup will eventually be expanded to include plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell models. At first, the Q6 will take the shape of an all-electric crossover programmed to come out sometime in 2018 and will later on spawn a plug-in hybrid derivative by the end of the decade when it could also be joined by a hydrogen fuel cell model while details about a conventional-powered Q6 are not available at this point.

Until then, the all-electric Audi Q6 is believed to show up in conceptual form as early as this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show before going on sale in 2018 and acting as a direct competitor for the upcoming Tesla Model X. Audi has previously characterized the model as being “sexy and sporty” and will ride on the MLB platform.

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Audi Q6
Audi Q6

Details about the production car are scarce at the moment but the Ingolstadt-based automaker is promising a range in excess of 310 miles (500 km) and an aerodynamic design that will make the Audi Q6 stand out among other models with the four-ring logo. It will use the latest version of the MLB platform so expect an advanced lightweight construction making extensive use of aluminum and possibly carbon fiber for some area.

via Car & Driver

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