Audi Q5 is a Motor Trend SUV of the Year Contender

As part of Motor Trend’s annual SUV of the Year competition, they gather the best new SUVs from the current year and pit them against each other to see which is best. One of the contenders in MT’s SotY competition is the brand-new Audi Q5.

Up against some stiff competition, the Audi Q5 is going to have a bit of a tough time in this competition. It’s not that the Q5 is bad. Quite the contrary, as it’s a very well-rounded, high-quality SUV. However, it’s going up against some exciting SUVs in a competition run buy enthusiasts, SUVs like the BMW X4, Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class and Maserati Levante.

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Thankfully, MT tests the entire model range. So along with the Audi Q5, they also tested the Audi SQ5, which is far more exciting. And MT did find the SQ5 to be an exciting car that helped charm some of the journalist judges. However, it might not be enough to outweigh the disappointing performance of the standard Q5.

According to MT, the standard Audi Q5 is just a bit too dull and doesn’t deliver on any sort of interesting driving improvements over the previous Q5. “This is fundamentally an evolution of the existing Q5—and looks and feels it in every way,” Angus MacKenzie said. “We’ve kind of seen it all before. It doesn’t move the needle in terms of Audi design and engineering. The drive experience is somewhat anodyne in the regular Q5. The SQ5 is a stormer but is comprehensively bested by the AMG GLC43 Coupe, which is quicker, steers better, and grips harder.”

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There’s still a lot to like about the Audi Q5. It looks good, its cabin is incredible and its tech is impressive. What did MT like? “Dashboard of the future, screaming SQ5 performance.” What didn’t the like? “Harsh stability-control intervention, dull Q5 personality”. Apparently, there was a sensor error on their tester that made its stability control act up. But that doesn’t help its issue with dull driving dynamics, according to MT.

With the stiff competition, it’s not likely that the the Audi Q5 wins. Still, it’s a very good SUV and should be on the shortlist of customers shopping in this segment.

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