Audi Q5 and Q7 win KBB “Best Buy” awards for 2019

We’ve tested both the new Audi Q5 and the Q7 and have been impressed with both of them, though the Q7 a bit more so. We’re not the only ones, though, as Kelly Blue Book just named both of those SUVs in its “Best Buy” awards for 2019.

The Audi Q5 was named a Best Buy in the “Compact Luxury SUV” category, beating out other SUVs in the segment like the BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. Personally, I’d rather drive both of those other cars than the Q5, only because they’re a bit more engaging to drive. But it’s hard to fault choosing the Audi Q5, thanks to its wider breadth of abilities.

Audi Q5

“The Q5 is the best in the segment for the simple reason that it does everything better than everything else in the segment,” said one KBB editor. “You want sporty driving? It’s got that. You want comfort? Check. There’s even an off-road mode — and trust me, from my time in the media launch in Baja California, this thing is actually a decent little off-highway hooligan.”

As for the Audi Q7, KBB named it the Best Buy for the “Midsize Luxury SUV” category. This is even more impressive because the cars in its segment are much newer and more exciting, such as the new BMW X5, Jaguar F-Pace and Land Rovery Discovery. Despite being one of the oldest cars in its class, the Q7 still shines.

“Apart from its abundant hardware, timeless style and European refinement, the Audi Q7 is just plain fun to drive. It’s long and lithe, profiting from Audi’s significant weight reduction efforts with the second-gen Q7. What’s more, the Q7 is quiet inside, and the suspension tuning is spot-on, with enough body control for good fun on winding roads but plenty of suppleness for a comfortable cross-country drive, aided by electric-assist steering with a pleasant natural feel.” wrote KBB.

So Audi is still killing it in the SUV game, even if newer competitors are coming out. We’re interesting to see how some of its newer SUVs fair after their first year of being on sale, such as the new Audi Q8 and Q3.

Nico DeMattia

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