Audi Q5, A5 Sportback surge to create August sales increase

Last month marked the 80th consecutive record sales month for the Audi brand, as sales for August increased 2.8 percent to 19,811 cars sold in North America. The same month last year, Audi sold 19,264 cars and those sorts of monthly increases have been happening for years. So far this year, Audi has sold 141,606 in US.

Much of the reason why Audi is having such sales success as of late is the new Audi Q5 and Audi A5 Sportback. Both cars have recently gone on  sale in America and have already become incredibly popular. It’s not a surprise that the new Q5 is becoming an incredible sales success, as the first-gen car was already popular. Now, with the new Q5’s better looks, far improved technology and classy cabin, it’s no surprise that the new Q5 is quickly becoming one of Audi’s sales leaders.

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What’s more surprising, when speaking with our friends at a local Audi dealer, the A5 Sportback has been flying off the floor, which is shocking considering that Americans typically don’t buy cars with funky body styles. Enthusiasts have been begging for the A5 Sportback to make its way to America, hoping it would sell well. So now that it is, Audi fans can breathe a sigh of relief. What’s even weirder is that, according to our Audi dealer, one of the best-selling cars over the past few months has been the Audi Allroad. Americans won’t buy Avants but slap some psuedo-rugged body cladding on one, jack up the ride height and give it a tough-sounding name like “Allroad” and we’ll buy ’em by the truckload.

Odd musings aside, it’s impressive and exciting to Audi selling so well in America. “We are in the midst of our biggest product rollout in our U.S. history and consumers are responding to the designs, the technology and the brand’s reputation for dependability,” said Cian O’Brien, chief operating officer, Audi of America.

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