Wheel of Fortune Contested Finally Got Her Audi Q3

A few weeks back, Audi made big headlines by countering the results of a Wheel of Fortune final. What happened in the game show was that a contestant was denied a victory, and the Audi Q3 prize that came with it, for being just a few seconds too slow in her delivery of the correct answer, “CHOOSING THE RIGHT WORD”. Although she delivered the correct answer, within the given timeframe, she apparently paused too long before saying the word “WORD” , which caused host Pat Sajak to deny her the win.


Social media quickly exploded, backing the contestant Charlene Rubush, claiming that she deserved to win. An outpouring of people rushed to Rubush’s aid on Twitter, claiming she deserved to win anyway and for Wheel of Fortune to give her the car. Other game show contestants even backed her publicly. The strong social media presence caught the eye of Audi, who decided to right the supposed wrong and give Rubush an Audi Q3 anyway.

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According to TMZ, Rubush just recently picked up that very Audi Q3, from a dealership in Henderson, NV. “The car drives so well. I’m loving it!! Much needed since my husband and I have been sharing one car since we moved here 3 years ago!” Rubush told TMZ.



Audi gifted Rubush the car, and even covered the taxes she’d otherwise have to pay, so as to right the wrong caused by an unfair technicality.

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Judging by the wheels, lower front bumper trim, and the headlights, it looked like Audi hooked Rubush up and gave her an Audi Q3 45 TFSI Premium Plus, which is the top-of-the-line model. It wears an Ibis White exterior paint with Pearl Beige interior, with 18″ 5-V spoke wheels.


Audi took to Twitter to congratulate Rubush, as well give credit to all those on social media who helped make it happen, saying: “You all did it! You helped #GiveHerTheQ3. Charlene, welcome to the Audi family! We are so happy to see you in the driver seat.”


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Congratulations, Charlene. Enjoy the car.

[Source: TMZ]
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