Audi Q3 on of UK’s most reliable cars

When we last drove an Audi Q3, we were less than enthused. While it’s a fine car for transporting families and gear around, it may be one of the least inspiring cars on the road to drive. It’s comfortable enough, quick enough and easy enough to drive and maneuver around. However, it does all of that with about as much verve as a sloth getting its taxes done. However, it seems as if excitement means little to UK buyers as they’ve been very impressed with its reliability.

According to Auto Express, UK customers have been pleased with their Q3s for its reliability, built quality and fit and finish. Which is actually quite surprising considering the fact that the Q3 is Audi’s oldest SUV at the moment. It’s actually still based on the MkVI Volkswagen Golf platform, rather than its newer siblings which are all on more modern scalable architectures. Being that it’s based on an older platform, it lacks the modern technology, amenities and design elements of its more modern stablemates. Plus, all its competition has surpassed it, in terms of design and technology.

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However, I guess that old platform is sturdy and reliable, as only 14 percent of UK customers have reported any serious issues with their Q3s. That’s an incredibly low rate, especially for an Audi. Let’s face it, as much as we love the brand, it’s never been the staple of reliability.

So if you’re looking for a family hauler that will comfortably, safely and reliably transport you and your family, along with all of their stuff, the Audi Q3 is a good choice. It won’t be exciting to drive or particularly entertaining but it will get the job done. It also won’t have as modern of technology as its newer competitors but there’s something to be said about having tech that simply works every time. If that’s something you’re after, it’s hard to turn down the Audi Q3.

Nico DeMattia

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