Audi Q3 Sportback In Pulse Orange Stands Out At Dealer Showroom

The latest niche model to join Audi’s ever-growing lineup is the Q3 Sportback, a “coupe” version of the popular compact crossover. As fitting for a premium brand, the sleeker derivative of the Q3 is available in a multitude of body paints, but the cheapest one might just be the best. Well, the cheapest one if we’re excluding the no-cost Ibis White. We are talking about Pulse Orange, which can also be had for several other models, varying from the A1 Citycarver to the TT.

It only costs €345 in Germany and it’s a solid paint like the aforementioned and arguably way duller Ibis White. Stepping up to a metallic paint will cost you €700, while the fancy ones are going to set you back as high as €2,300. This particular Q3 Sportback is not cheap, though. Being an S Line in the 35 TDI specification with some extra options on top, you’ll have to fork out €55,439.

The crossover-coupe mashup was filmed by Audiview at a dealer in Germany, and thanks to its striking Pulse Orange paint, it’s likely the first car people are going to see when they walk in. The not-for-America swoopy Q3 looks quite fetching in this configuration, and while it’s no RS Q3, there’s still a lot to like about the Sportback on stilts.

Audi is selling the Q3 Sportback in its domestic market with a variety of alloy wheels varying in size from the base 17-inch set to three 20-inch options. This particular two-tone set with a five “V”-spoke design is the largest and most expensive available, priced at a hefty €2,900.

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In case you haven’t heard, the Q3 Sportback is going to get a bigger brother later this year when Audi will introduce the Q5 facelift and its Sportback counterpart. Whether the mid-cycle update will also bring the long-awaited RS Q5 remains to be seen, but it might just happen. If it does, it would make sense for the Sportback body style to receive the RS treatment as well.

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