Audi Q3 dresses up as a Unicorn for Halloween and explores D.C.

Tomorrow, October 31, is Halloween. To celebrate, the folks at Audi USA have given the new Audi Q3 its own costume and it’s… well, it’s interesting. That’s because they’ve dressed the Q3 up as a unicorn and called it the “Qnicorn”…


The Qnicorn came about as a collaboration with a Gentleman Scholar and the “Q3 in:03” campaign to bring social media content to young people. To create the Qnicorn, an Audi Q3 has been given a massive three-foot horn and painted it all spangly and whatnot. It’s quite the sight to see. It also gets a pearlescent white wrap that gives off rainbow shine in sunlight. Inside, its ambient lighting is also purple. So it’s very unicorn-like.


To celebrate both hollowing and the Qnicorn, Audi drove around popular neighborhoods of Washington D.C. handing out candy. Because it’s not creepy at all to see a small crossover dressed as a unicorn giving out candy to strange kids. Even if it is an Audi Q3.


After it being seen on social media, fans and passrsyby have been abuzz with both compliments and criticism. However, Audi seems quite pleased with its reaction. In fact, Audi actually added some of its compliments in its press release:

  • “Runs on unicorn tears.”
  • “This is getting weird…”
  • “I’m a car lover and a unicorn lover…”
  • “Magic described in a car.”


The Qnicorn Audi Q3 also made its way to the Inova Children’s Hospital in Great Falls, Virginia, where it greeted kids and made their day. So maybe it’s not all weird.


It’s a very interesting project, this Audi Q3-turned unicorn. It’s not great looking, it’s not horrific, either. If you want to see more of it, check out Audi’s social media pages. Or just buy an Audi Q3 without the massive unicorn horn and be happier with your purchase.

Nico DeMattia

I've been in love with cars since I was a kid, specifically German cars. Now I get to drive them talk about them on the internet.