Audi Q2 wins gold in the German Design Award

At the 2017 German Design Awards, held in Frankfurt, Germany, the Audi Q2 recently took gold and the highest honor in the awards — the “Excellent Production Design – Transportation.” The judges were impressed at how the Q2 manages to be different from its Audi SUV siblings while also keeping the brand values in tact. “The Audi Q2 surprises with a design that is fully independent and not just a scaled-down version of its big brother,” said the judges.

They also felt that the Q2 was bold enough to be copied. “This elegant car has the potential to be a trendsetter,” We’re also fans of the Audi Q2’s design, as it’s sharp, aggressive and high-tech without looking too fussy or messy. There’s just enough going on in the design to catch the eye at any angle without overdoing it. We like the angular headlights, the boxy styling and that fat C-pillar, which reminds us of the original Audi Quattro.

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“A stringent brand design with strong, independent products – that is the goal of our new design strategy,” said Audi Head of Design Marc Lichte. “I am therefore enormously pleased to receive not only the extraordinary customer response but also acknowledgment from an independent jury of experts.” Lichte is already on his way to completely revamping the design language of Audi’s lineup and the Q2 is just the start.

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