Audi Q2 to start at £22,000 in UK

The Audi Q2 is the latest small crossover from Audi, slotting underneath the Audi Q3, and will be the brand’s least expensive one. Fitting for an entry-level model, the Audi Q2 will start at £22,000 in the UK, making it incredibly affordable.

The way that pricing will adjust to the US market is a bit unknown at the moment. That £22,000 price tag translates, roughly, to around $31,000 but cars’ pricing never translates exactly, as different import taxes and market values change the pricing. Plus, the UK’s entry-level Audi Q2 will likely be a powered by a 115 hp 1.6 liter turbodiesel with a six-speed manual. So who knows what the US market cost will be as we won’t be getting that engine/transmission combo.

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Audi Q2

The entry-level car in the US will likely be powered by the 1.4 liter turbocharged four-cylinder that VW and Audi use in their small cars, like the Jetta and A3, respectively. The Jetta is available with that engine in the US, so it’s likely that it could be used in the US Q2, when it finally makes its debut.

This makes the Audi Q2 extremely affordable for people who are looking to get into the Audi brand and it presents an excellent value. That kind of pricing puts the Q2 within range for many customers and it gives them a premium compact crossover with good cargo space, available Quattro all-wheel drive and good performance. It’s certainly a better deal on paper than many of its rivals. Plus, it comes with quite a bit of standard kit, such as PreSense city auto braking. This kind of pricing and standard equipment will surely bring in younger buyers for Audi, just as the brand intended.

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Audi Q2

It’s unknown when the Audi Q2 will be coming to the US, but it will go on sale this summer in Europe and will be one of the most affordable premium compact crossovers on the market.

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