Audi Q2 Edition #1 – Sporty Launch Edition

For the debut of the upcoming Audi Q2, the four-ringed brand’s latest small crossover, Audi will be launching a sportier, special edition version — the Audi Q2 Edition #1.

This isn’t a new concept, as many car companies offer a special launch edition of highly anticipated cars.  Finished with an exclusive Quantum Gray paint color, black and Manhattan Gray exterior details, 19″ wheels and new standard equipment, the Audi Q2 Edition #1 seems to be one of the cooler launch edition vehicles in recent years. it also gets an S Line exterior package, meaning sportier bumpers, sills and rear diffuser. The black blade on the C-pillar now also features Audi logos in white. The mirror caps are finished in black as well. The “Titanium Black” touches also make their way onto the singleframe grille, bumpers and 19″ wheels.

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Static photo, Colour: quantum gray
Static photo, Colour: quantum gray

On the inside, the seats are covered in a combination of leather and cloth in a black and amaretto color scheme. The titanium gray headliner rounds out the dark and sporty interior. To liven things up inside, LED backlighting adorns the cabin, instrument panel and center console. The driver has a choice of ten different color options for the interior ambient lighting.

LED headlights, taillights and dynamic turn signals are all as-standard equipment on the Audi Q2 Edition #1. It can also be had with any engine or drivetrain in the model range, meaning customers who want a small, economical diesel can have the Edition #1 and so can the customer who want the sportier 2.0 liter TFSI engine. Audi Q2 pre-sales start early September, but the Edition #1 will be available at dealers in late autumn.

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