Audi Q2 and A1 to be Killed Off After This Generation

Audi is trimming some fat in its model lineup and it’s doing so at the bottom end. During a recent interview with Handelsblatt, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann stated that the Audi Q2 and A1 models will not be getting successors after this generation.


“We have decided not to build the A1 anymore, and there will be no successor model from the Q2 either. We have also realigned Audi as a premium brand. We will limit our model range at the bottom and expand it at the top.” he said.


This news isn’t entirely surprising, as neither the Q2 nor A1 were particularly big sellers, so cutting them out not only frees up the portfolio a bit but also pushes Audi as more of a premium brand. Plus, Audi needs to focus more on EVs, which is where the brand wants to put the majority of its development resources. So cutting the fat is necessary.

While the Audi Q2 isn’t hugely popular in Europe, it is actually surprisingly popular in China, where it’s sold with a long-wheelbase. China also gets an Audi Q2 e-tron, which is all-electric and gets a range of 265 km (165 miles). The Q2 e-tron is also manufactured in China, so it’s unclear if Audi will continue to sell that car there for a little while longer.

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As for the Audi A1, few customers are going to miss the subcompact hatchback. Not only was it not very popular, it wasn’t particularly good value compared to cars like its own sibling, the Volkswagen Up!. Although, the Audi A1 Citycarver was a cool little car. Admittedly, there are rumors of Audi working on an all-electric A2, which would be the spiritual successor to the fantastic Audi A2 of the ’00s.


With Audi focusing on larger upcoming EVs, such as the Audi A6 e-tron, Q6 e-tron, and Q8 e-tron, cars like the A1 and Q2 have become expendable. So they’re as good as gone.

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[Source: Motor1]
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