Audi Q1 styling to get Avant, crossover and Sportback influences

More details are starting to emerge about the already confirmed Audi Q1 scheduled to hit showrooms in 2016. The model is wears the “AU276” codename and according to a report issued by CAR it will have roughly the same footprint as the A3 three-door while essentially being a shorter wheelbase Q3 with a bespoke bodywork.

When March Lichte took over as Audi’s chief designer, most of the styling work for the Q1 was already done but Lichte did apply some last-minute changes to make the petite crossover more appealing. It is believed the model will come with contrasting sideblades covering the C pillars, along with allroad-like plastic cladding and enlarged alloy wheels while running over the door handles from the front all the way to the back is going to be a pointed concave line.

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The styling itself will blend in visual characteristics of Audi’s crossover, Avant and Sportback models while power will come from 3- and 4-cylinder engines taken from other MQB models part of the Volkswagen Group. Interestingly, there are also talks of a frugal plug-in hybrid version, a hot diesel-powered SQ1 and a range-topping RS Q1 with as much as 310 HP and 380 Nm.

Audi will kick off production of the Q1 in 2016 in Germany on the same assembly line used for the A3. Expect a starting price of €25,000 so it will fit between the A3 three-door and the Q3 crossover.

via CAR

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