Audi Q1 Crossover to be based on Audi A1, debut by 2020

Audi needs some better small SUVs. It’s just fact. The new Audi Q2 is a pretty good car but it’s deeply flawed and a bit too expensive. And the Audi Q3 is basically trash, as it’s still built on the old VW Golf platform and it’s almost absurdly dull to drive. Thankfully, Audi is going to get another shot at the small SUV market and it’s going to be its smallest one yet — the Audi Q1.

Based on the Audi A1, which is built on the brand’s MQB platform, the upcoming Audi Q1 will directly rival cars like the Mercedes-Benz GLA Class and maybe even the BMW X2. While some enthusiasts may not be excited by this news, it’s important news for the brand as a whole. “You cannot ignore the SUV trend; the question is how wide and how deep do we make the programme with SUVs?” said Audi sales and marketing boss Bram Schot. “Depending on the business opportunities, we decide on the future product portfolio. But don’t be surprised if in two or three years you do see the car, as we try to react fast to markets,”.

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While based on the upcoming Audi A1, the brand’s smallest, least expensive car, the Audi Q1 will get some seriously impressive tech for its segment. For instance, it should have the same Battery Alternator Starter (BAS) as the new Audi A6A8. That would be a segment first at the moment but we have no idea what sort of other car companies will develop such tech by then.

To be honest, I don’t care about any of that. I just want it to drive significantly better than the currently awful, and smallest Audi SUV in America, Audi Q3. If it’s even halfway decent to drive, I’ll be a happy guy.

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