Audi puts out Free Coloring Book for Kids During Quarantine

Self-Quarantine due to the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting a huge chunk of the world’s population. Every major country has been effected by the virus and it’s causing most citizens to remain inside, away from as many people as absolutely possible. Because of that, many families are home, bored out of their minds in search of things to do, especially to keep children occupied. So Audi has put out a coloring book to help keep kids busy.


Audi isn’t the only company that’s done this, as Aston Martin, BMW and others have as well. Still, it’s nice to see Audi is doing its little bit to try and help families at the moment. A coloring book is obviously a tiny gesture compared to what’s actually needed but it’s something and that matters.

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In this coloring book, kids — or adults, don’t lie you wanna do it too — you can color everything from modern supercars, like the R8, to regular ole SUVs, like the Q7. It even has some vintage cars, such as an Auto Union-era Horch and an Auto Union Type-C race car. Both of which are awesome and can help kids learn about the Audi brand. Perfect for any Audi enthusiast parent.

Auto Union Type C Racer


There’s also a great Audi engine picture that can be colored, which is a fun way to show kids what an engine looks like and how it works. It’s just a photo of the front of the engine, with its belts and pulleys, but it’s enough to give kids a basic idea of how an engine works and that’s pretty cool.

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Above all, though, everyone needs to stay indoors, practice social distancing and stay safe. Let’s flatten the curve and get ahead of this thing that has turned all of our lives upside down. If coloring helps you stay inside, color away.


[Source: Audi]
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