Audi promises full diesel transparency following scandal

There’s no denying that Audi, and parent company Volkswagen, took a bit of a reputation after the diesel scandal. Ever since, Audi has been trying to assure the public that its diesel engines are clean, efficient and completely legal. However, it seems as if the public isn’t buying it, still fearful of the brand’s sneaky prior tactics. Apparently, though, Audi wants to stress that making clean, efficient and legal diesels is one of the brand’s main priorities.

“We will continue until the job is done,” said CEO Rupert Stadler on a Thursday meeting with shareholders. According to Stadler, ethics are the new brand’s “ultimate benchmark.” Audi’s supervisory board seems to have bought into what Stadler was saying. He recently was just voted in for another five years with unanimous backing from the board. However, not everyone is so impressed. “Audi has failed to clear up the diesel scandal for the public and for shareholders in a transparent way,” Felix Schneider of shareholder rights group SdK.

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I think we can genuinely believe Audi when the brand says it’s going to make regaining the public’s trust a main priority. Not only is the brand working hard to clean up its diesel engines but it’s developing in the future of mobility. At the moment, Audi is working on multiple forms of alternative fuel. The four-ringed brand has the Audi Q8 plug-in hybrid SUV on the way, a purely electric crossover in the Audi Q4 and a future plug-in hybrid sports car to compete with the BMW i8. But there’s also hydrogen and natural gas concepts floating around in Audi’s laboratories. So Audi is clearly working toward becoming cleaner and more eco-friendly. The folks in Ingolstadt are also hard at work at developing the latest in autonomous technology. The next-gen Audi A8 is already being called the most advanced autonomous vehicle on the market by Audi.

So, clearly, Audi is working on adjusting its public image. Whether the public believes Audi or not, it seems that the four-ringed brand is focused on a greener future.

Nico DeMattia

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