Audi Prologue pickup truck imagined

Independent artist Theophilus Chin has released a couple of renders depicting a hypothetical Audi Prologue pickup truck. Despite looking quite promising, these won’t materialize in the years to come as the Volkswagen-owned marque recently said that a pickup is not on their agenda, even though Mercedes-Benz is cooking up such a utilitarian model.

According to Audi’s chief designer Marc Lichte said the new styling language set to debut with the next-gen A8 is hard to implement on a pickup truck, but he did hint it could happen in the distant future. Perhaps if Mercedes-Benz’s model will turn out to be a success, Audi will change its mind and will launch its own version in the brand new segment of utilitarian premium pickup trucks.

Audi Prologue pickup truck
Audi Prologue pickup truck

Until then, the role of a pickup truck within the Volkswagen Group will remain to the Amarok but hopefully one day we will have a something close to this Audi Prologue pickup truck which doesn’t look half bad. A potential version based on this would be considerably toned down, but nevertheless it should be an interesting choice.

via Theophilus Chin and Motor Manics

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