Audi Prologue Coupe vs BMW 8 Series Concept

We recently learned that Audi is seriously considering the idea of a large, two-door, grand-touring coupe to take on cars like the BMW 8 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. Audi design boss Marc Lichte recently told Autocar “I love the shape of a two-door coupe, but it is also true that the [sales] volumes [for them] are much lower than for four-doors. In the future, who knows? We have many ideas in this direction.” So while the folks in Ingolstadt must take care of their other priorities first, it’s possible that such a car could exist in the future. Lichte even designed such a car, with the Audi Prologue Concept.

So we thought it a good idea to compare Lichte’s Prologue Concept with a concept car of something it would potentially compete with, the BMW 8 Series Concept.

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The BMW 8 Series Concept debuted this past summer and it’s a stunning design. It really is a very pretty concept car and one that most BMW fans hope becomes a reality with the actual 8 Series. But how does it stack up against the Audi Prologue, as that’s no troll? It’s a properly pretty concept coupe as well.

From the front, it’s tough to pick one, as they’re both really good looking. Both cars have long hoods that slope downward, giving them both a menacing, angry look. Each car sports aggressive headlights and heavily creased hoods. If we had to choose one, we might choose the Audi Prologue Concept, as its Singleframe grille is a bit more handsome than the massive Kidney Grilles of the BMW. Though, it’s really close.

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Where these cars really look good, though, is from the side.  Both cars are low, long and smooth, giving them really sporty proportions. They both also have long hoods and short rear decks, like proper, front-engine sports cars are supposed to have. Even the Audi Prologue has that old-school, rear-drive GT car look, a look we expect from a BMW but not from an all-wheel drive Audi. But while the Prologue is impressively good looking, the BMW 8 Series Concept is downright stunning in profile. It looks more Aston Martin than BMW and we really like it.

Out back, it’s remarkable how similar their proportions are. Both have really wide rear haunches that accentuate their power and muscle. The Bimmer’s are more accentuated but it’s also naturally rear-wheel drive, whereas the Audi Prologue is not. So that makes sense. The Audi looks good from the rear but the Bimmer I think is a bit better looking. Its taillights have a sort of BMW i8-thing going on and it has a subtle ducktail spoiler. Again, it looks more like an Aston Martin, specifically the new Vantage, from the rear than a BMW.

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Overall, I think the BMW 8 Series Concept is the better looking concept car of the two. The Audi Prologue Concept is a cool looking car and we really, really hope that Audi ends up putting it into production. But the 8 Series Concept is seriously pretty and looks more expensive, more exotic and more exciting.

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