Audi produces first batch of e-benzin

Audi is proud to announce they have successfully produced the first batch of e-benzin. It was all possible with assistance from Global Bioenergies and this new e-benzin fuel was manufactured without using petroleum at all. Moreover, it also doesn’t contain any sulfur or benzene and according to Audi this allows it to burn “very cleanly.”

Audi says it’s 100% iso-octane so it has an octane rating of RON 100. The Ingolstadt-based automaker will soon start testing this new type of fuel and their plan is to eventually change the production process so that it would only require hydrogen, water, sunlight and CO2 to manufacture e-benzin. If they will be able to do accomplish this, the process would be similar to e-diesel which only needs green energy, water and air.

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Audi e-benzin
Audi e-benzin

Global Bioenergies will open up a demonstration plant at the Fraunhofer Center and will start making larger quantities of the e-benzin next year.

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