Audi presents MIB-2 technology in Los Angeles

Audi has presented this week in Los Angeles their newly developed MIB-2 technology bringing numerous enhancements. The updated Modular Infotainment Platform will be seen for the first time in the 2016 A6 and A7 model lines taking advantage of an Nvidia Tegra 30 system on a chip powered by a quad core processor from the Nvidia Tegra 3 series.

It promises to provide not only a faster performance and higher resolution graphics, but also the possibility of an upgrade by software to further improve a wide variety of supported functions like voice command, navigation, telephony and online services.

Compared to its predecessor, the MIB-2 technology comes with double the processing performance and a quicker graphics processing unit. It’s powerful enough to drive two displays at the same time, one of them in the instrument cluster display and the other in the center stack. Audi says the T30 graphics processor is at the basis of a virtual 3D platform along with a new user interface which has enabled the implementation of a fully three dimensional graphical user experience.

Audi is also exhibiting in Los Angeles the 12.3-inch TFT display which has made its debut on the third generation TT which benefits from the aforementioned quad core Nvidia Tegra 30 system able to render up to 60 frames per second. It’s enough to provide “absolute precision” needles in the speedometer and rev counter while the navigation also takes fully advantage of the powerful system.

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Adrian Padeanu

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