Audi posts best ever August sales results delivering 128,650 cars

Audi is happy to announce their recent August sales were the best ever in the company’s long and prolific history.

Compared to August 2014, the company delivered last month 2.7% more cars, bringing the grand total to 128,650 vehicles even though orders from China dropped by 4.1% while deliveries in Russia collapsed by 15.4%. The good news for the company with the four ring logo is those poor results were offset by the European market where deliveries jumped by 6.9% while in the Americas sales rose by 10%.

Since the start of the year, Audi sold 3.4% more cars compared to January – September 2015, thus delivering a total of approximately 1,777,100 units.

United States posted some solid results last month when 18,794 cars were sold, representing a hike of almost 10% while Brazil posted a massive 20.3% increase to 1,410 units. As for Mexico, they were also big fans of Audi as sales went up by 14.9% to 1,258 units.

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Moving to Western Europe, Audi enjoyed a 7.7% increase thanks to boosted sales of the A6, A7, Q7 and A8 which combined accounted for about 7,250 cars. Germany was a solid market for Audi in August as sales increased by 13.5% to 15,394 cars.

Sales for
In AugustCumulative
20152014Change from 201420152014Change from 2014
  – Germany15,93414,034+13.5%186,657176,340+5.9%
  – UK5,5985,405+3.6%104,792100,614+4.2%
  – France3,7023,665+1.0%39,53239,059+1.2%
  – Italy3,2783,196+2.6%36,17033,966+6.5%
  – Spain2,3792,204+7.9%31,72628,415+11.7%
  – Russia2,2012,601-15.4%16,35923,167-29.4%
(incl. Hong Kong)
Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.