Audi TT offroad, sportback models possibly cancelled

We’ve seen quite a few superfluous Audi models in the past (Audi Allroad, anyone?), and the brand has also put out a number of TT Concept cars over the years and various auto shows. There have been sportback variants and off-road variants on display, with Audi trying to find another niche to bust into with the TT. However, we’re hearing that it  could possibly be looking to scrap those ideas and keep the Audi TT a sports car.

According to this report from Autocar, the Ingolstadt-based brand is looking to drop those concept ideas, however, no reason as to why was given. Regardless of why, though, we think this is a good move for Audi and that the TT should be left as it is, with just the TTS and TT RS models being the only other variants.

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Audi TTS Sportback render
Audi TTS Sportback render

The current-gen Audi TT is one of the best sports cars the company has put out in a long time, focusing on fun driving dynamics more than anything else. Whereas the previous-gen TT was just a bit of a fashionista, designed only to look nice, this new one is a genuine sports car and it should stay that way.

Adding an off-road variant would just dilute the model’s range and turn the TT into something it’s not. Plus, it probably wouldn’t be very good anyway. Look at the Audi Allroad, it’s sort of a halfway point between and A4 Avant and a Q5 and not as good as either. An off-road TT would be equally as useless. Plus, Audi now has the Q2 crossover which fills the niche anyway. A sportback could be decent, but the differences between a sportback model and the standard coupe would be minimal and it would just be another superfluous model in the range.

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While there’s been no confirmation that Audi is scrapping these plans, we’re hoping its true so Audi can save that money and use it to bring the damn Audi A4 Avant to North America…

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