Audi plotting four-door TT to be called TTC?

Latest gossip around Ingolstadt says an Audi TTC is currently in the works. It was October last year when we saw the rather stunning TT Sportback concept which at that time we believed that it would serve as a preview for a four-door TT. This will apparently happen sometime in the future as a report issued by Automobile Magazine stipulates the TTC will be Audi’s new entry-level sportscar capable of seating four people.

It will actually be cheaper than the regular TT even though it’s bound to be roomier and more practical than its two-door sibling. The report goes on to specify Audi has already started working on a TTC concept which will preview the production model, but it won’t come out until the next generation of the TT due to hit the market around 2021.

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If green-lighted for production, the Audi TTC will be a member of the fourth generation TT family which means it will be sold alongside the regular coupe and roadster body styles. One can speculate this third version of the TT will also receive S and RS versions, but it’s too early in the game to think of such derivatives since we haven’t even seen a concept of the standard model.

Note: Audi TT Sportback concept pictured.

via Automobile Magazine

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