Audi PB 18 e-tron debuting at Laguna Seca and Pebble Beach tomorrow

Tomorrow, August 23, kicks off the famous Pebble Beach Concoues d’Elegance, the most prestigious car event in America. Hosted in the stunning Monterey, California, Pebble Beach will be filled with some of the world’s most expensive cars, both classic and new. There will also be a few big reveals from some of the industry’s biggest players. One such reveal will wear four rings — the Audi PB 18 e-tron Supercar Concept.

The Audi PB 18 e-tron will be an all-electric supercar concept, one that pays homage to the incredibly successful Audi R18 e-tron race car. It’s also a concept we’re keeping our eyes on, as it could be the replacement for the Audi R8, which is about to expire come 2020. This would make sense, as Audi is looking to improve its green image, as well as become one of the world leaders in alternative fuels and electric technology.

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The design of the Audi PB 18 e-tron was also done by the new Audi Design Loft in Malibu, California, which makes its debut at Pebble Beach fitting as well. The teaser photos Audi released looks like a road car. In fact, it looks like a futuristic Audi R8. And that’s exciting news, as there’s so much potential in an all-electric supercar, especially with Audi’s all-wheel drive know-how. It could be one of the absolute best performance machines on the planet when it debuts.

Audi will be revealing this new e-tron concept tomorrow at 5PM on the famous Laguna Seca, a fitting place to unwrap its latest supercar concept. Thankfully, we will have boots on the ground to show you the reveal live. Not only that but we will be covering all of the official reveal information that Audi releases. So stay tuned for live updates and any other sort of media we can get our hands on while at Laguna.

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