Audi partnering with NVIDIA, Mobileye to create artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become a very serious priority for automakers in recent years. The advancements of both autonomous and connected cars have increased the need for advanced intelligent systems in automobiles. So car companies are working closely with tech companies across the globe to help develop artificial intelligence for their cars. BMW most recently announced that it would be working with IBM to install its famous A.I., Watson, into some BMW i8 prototypes, for example. But Audi has recently announced it would be working with NVIDIA and Mobileye to create its own artificial intelligence systems in the upcoming Audi A8.

Audi and NVIDIA aren’t strangers to one another. The two brands have worked together to develop processors to run Audi’s MMI and infotainment systems before. NVIDIA has been working with Audi since 2005 and the first Audi A4 to use an NVIDIA was in 2007. In 2009, the Audi A8 used an NVIDIA chip to create advanced digital displays for its MMI system.

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Audi Q2 deep learning concept , model car on a scale of 1:8
Audi Q2 deep learning concept , model car on a scale of 1:8

Now, though, the two brands are working together on trying to develop and advanced artificial intelligence system for the next-gen Audi A8. Ingolstadt wants its next flagship luxury car to have the most advanced autonomous driving capabilities in the world when it debuts, so Audi wants the most advanced A.I. system as well as image processing in the business. To help, NVIDIA is working on its new Tegra K1 processor, which can handle for more than any previous processor used in an Audi and can handle multiple high-definition screens at once. This will help with the brand’s now-famous Virtual Cockpit.

Audi has also partnered with Mobileye, an Israeli company that specializes in image processing and recognition systems in automobiles. Mobileye works on having cars understand what they’re looking at and be able to see certain things, such as road lines and traffic lights. The brand currently provides cameras for the Audi Q7, Q5 and A4/A5. But Mobileye is now working on a system that has deep learning capabilities, so it can learn its surroundings and understand what it’s looking at, rather than just identifying certain objects. This way, the system can even recognize an empty parking space.

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Audi plans on making the next A8 the most advanced autonomous car the world has ever seen. With the help of NVIDIA and Mobileye, it’s certainly possible that it could happen.

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