Audi opens new lighting competence center in Ingolstadt

Audi has established a brand new lighting competence center at home in Ingolstadt, Germany. It’s a 120 meter-long underground light tunnel in which the company will be testing new lighting solutions set to be implemented in future models. Moreover, at this facility they will also conduct testing on camera-based lighting assistance systems that will sooner or later be offered on road-going cars.

Audi says their newly opened lighting competence center has the biggest lighting tunnel for cars in Europe. It has been painted in matte black and will be used also to develop adaptive high beam systems created in such a way as to avoid dazzling incoming drivers.

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Audi Prologue concept headlight design sketch
Audi Prologue concept headlight design sketch

The lighting competence center as well as the laser lab is located underneath an eleven-floor building so you can image it was quite difficult to build since the engineers had to do without supporting columns while the interior height of tunnel is up to nine meters. The tunnel’s floor surface is very similar to a normal public road in order to accurately mimic a life-like driving situation.

The announcement coincides with Audi’s first teaser for the second generation R8 which will come as standard with LED headlights while for more money the supercar will be optionally available with laser headlights providing an almost twice as powerful high beam compared to LED technology.

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