Audi officially denies rumors of Formula 1 entry in 2016

Audi has promptly responded to rumors which suggested a Formula 1 entry in the 2016 season. Earlier this week, British magazine Auto Express issued an interesting report which referred to Audi’s plans on entering Formula 1 in 2016 after an exit from both DTM and WEC. According to the same rumor, Audi would combine the budgets that they now use in these two competition and corroborate it with a Red Bull sponsorship to take Formula 1 by storm in 2016.

Auto Express also says Audi was very close to entering the world of Formula 1 racing in 2013 and was one of the main supporters of the cancelled plan to use four-cylinder engines. Audi change its mind in the last minute while FIA made the switch to V6 1.6-liter turbocharged engines. It is believed that for the 2016 season Audi would have targeted Fernando Alonso.

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However, none of the above mentioned will actually happen as Audi Sport replied on Facebook regarding this potential Formula 1 entry and denied the plans. They reiterated the company’s plans to compete in WEC, DTM and GT racing, as well as the newly established Audi Sport TT Cup program. However, we won’t be too surprised if by the end of the decade we will see Audi on the starting grid of an F1 race.

via autoexpress.co.uk & Audi Sport

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