Audi offering online check for scandal-effected diesel engines

After the scandal involving Volkswagen Group’s EA189 diesel engine, Audi is offering an online check for customers to see if their vehicles were effected by the scandal. Currently, Audi is only extending this check to German customers, but will be launching the check worldwide soon. Basically, customers go to the Audi website and can enter their VIN number and the website will tell them if the car has been affected. Customers can also go to dealerships to have their vehicles checked.

There’s no word on how the customers will be getting their vehicles fixed just yet, however, Audi claims that it will be presenting a solution to the Authorities sometime this month. So far, this goes for German customers, and no word on when Audi might be presenting a fix to European or US customers. Obviously, there’s been no talk of what the fix might even be. We’ve heard it could be just software-based, but we also heard there could be some hardware changes as well.

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Hopefully this fix is quick and painless, as many customers are stuck with these vehicles that violate many emissions regulations. 2.1 million Audi vehicles are fitted with engines that are not currently legal. This is tough on customers, as many would rather just get out of their car and into something else, but these affected cars are basically unsellable. No one, neither dealership nor private customers, is willing to buy these EA189 equipped Volkswagen or Audi models. Once Audi fixes the issue, though, everything should return to normal. So let’s just hope Audi can get this fix out sooner than later.

Nico DeMattia

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