Audi to offer retro-fit program for up to 850,000 diesel cars

It’s ironic that the same day news broke about all major German automakers possibly colluding on the famous VW diesel scandal, Audi is offering its customers in Europe and other markets a retrofit program for cars with emissions-violating diesel engines. A total of up to 850,000 cars worldwide with six-cylinder and eight-cylinder diesel engines (V6/V8 TDI, EU5/EU6) will get new software. This will further improve their emissions in real driving conditions beyond the current legal requirements.

The action will take place in close consultation with Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). In this way, Audi intends to reduce overall emissions, especially in urban areas. The service also applies to the Porsche and Volkswagen models that are fitted with the same types of engines and will be carried out free of charge for all customers.

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Nico DeMattia

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