Audi of Turkey recognizes social distancing on Twitter

These are trying times, as countries come to grip with the growing Coronavirus pandemic. Citizens around the world are practicing — with varying degrees of success — social distancing. The idea is to keep yourself as isolated from other people as much as absolutely possible to try and reduce exposure to the virus and flatten the curve. Audi of Turkey decided to tweet its support for social distancing with a funny little GIF.


In this recent tweet, we see the traditional interlocked “four-rings” Audi logo but the rings then separate from each other with the caption “Let’s Keep the Distance” (Google translated from Turkish to English).

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Again using Google Translate, the body of the tweet reads “Let’s not leave our home, keep the distance, stay healthy, support each other.” It’s a good message and one we all need to hear right now. While may of us are doing what we should be; keeping our distance and staying home; there are many citizens the world over not taking this seriously enough.


It looks a bit weird to see the famous four rings separated but that’s also a good thing. It’s a GIF that really drives the message home; we need to stay away from people.

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Car companies the world over are trying to send messages of social distancing, while also shutting down manufacturing plants and giving dealerships stimulus packages. With far fewer people buying cars, dealerships are struggling as they lose sales during these months. So car companies are trying to help.


They’re also shutting down their main headquarters for the time being, having their executives work from home. So don’t expect a ton of news or reveals for the next couple of months. Audi being one of those automakers. So just be patient, stay home and stay safe and we’ll all get through this.

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