Audi Occupational Health Crew Participates in Tetris Challenge

Who remembers Tetris? I used to absolutely love Tetris. I used to play Tetris on my cellphone (I know, I know — Millennial) on my lunch break at work when I was a teenager because Tetris was about the most advanced game phone’s could handle back then. So the idea of a Tetris challenge is really cool to me and it’s even cooler to see the paramedics from Audi Occupational Health taking part.


What exactly is the Tetris Challenge? Essentially, emergency workers empty their trucks and lay everything out on the ground in a neat, grid-like fashion, almost as if they’re playing Tetris with their gear. This includes themselves, as the humans are part of the gear-made Tetris board.

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To celebrate its 100th anniversary, as Audi Occupational Health was started in 1920, the paramedics from the crew participated in this challenge.

Audi Occupational Health joins in the Tetris Challenge. By the way: The images have been made end of February 2020. By then, rules like to keep distance due to the coronavirus didn’t exist.


You might be wondering what Audi Occupational Health is. Well, it’s essentially a group of workers whose job is it is to help keep workplaces safe, both physically and mentally, for Audi employees. Over one hundred health experts are on hand at Audi’s facilities to make sure the work environment is as safe as possible.


What’s great about this is that it shows some much needed love to health works around the globe. During this Covid-19 pandemic, nurses, EMTs, doctors and so many more people in the health industry are all working incredibly hard and risking their lives to help people. So showing them a little love and appreciation in this photo but seem trivial but it actually goes a long way.


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Our health workers need to be appreciated and while the Audi Occupational Health team is most just for Audi workers, they’re still on the front lines, keeping people safe and that’s the number one most important thing, far more so than cars.

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