Audi Nines presented by Falken — Audi backs youth winter sports

Audi is now the title-sponsor of a new winter sports competition, called the “Audi Nines presented by Falken”. From April 9 — 14, at  the Tyrolean ski resort of Sölden, Austria, the world’s best athletes in ski-cross, snowboard cross and slopestyle will take each other on on the specially-designed SlopeX course.

The innovative SlopeX course on the Tiefenbach Glacier will combine elements of Ski Cross and Snowboard Cross with Slopestyle. It was developed by the athletes in these sports themselves, with both speed and style in mind, and includes plenty of jumps and tricks. The event will also provide an opportunity for promising up-and-coming talent to rub shoulders with Olympic and World champions.

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“We are very keen to work with our partners to keep on developing the platforms and maintaining close contact with the athletes. We developed the Audi Nines especially for them in what was very much a collaborative effort,” comments Thomas Glas, Head of Sport Marketing at Audi AG. “The resulting creativity and sense of momentum is unique in winter sports.”

Audi has worked with winter sports athletes before and it will continue to do so with the Audi Nines. Audi has also been a sponsor of the German Ski Association of over thirty years and regularly works with other Alpine Skiing teams. Many teams even use Audi’s wind tunnel in Ingolstadt to train. Winter sports work well with the brand’s Quattro all-wheel drive, go-anywhere ethos. So it’s only fitting to see the four rings in the background of ski slopes.

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This is also a cool way to get a younger audience more interested in the Audi brand, which is something the folks in Ingolstadt are trying very hard to do. We’re excited to see what happens with the Audi Nines competition and you can check it out here, at AudiNines.com.

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