Audi MMI system to integrate Amazon Music

As cars become more and more connected, infotainment systems are becoming far more integrated with mobile phones and different apps and tech. For instance, BMW is beginning to work with Amazon’s Alexa. Soon, though, BMW won’t be the only car company working with Amazon. Audi has announced that all cars equipped with the brand’s new MMI system will be integrated with Amazon Music.

Owners of 2017 or 2018 models of the Audi A3, A4, A4 Allroad, Audi Q7, R8, TT and 2018 models of the Audi Q5 and A5 will be able to listen to the millions of songs on Amazon Music. Should you be an Amazon Prime member, you’ll have access to all of the songs available through Amazon’s music streaming service right from your car.

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To assist in using this new service, Audi has given instructions to all owners of compatible vehicles:

When connected via the Audi MMI connect app, drivers can use the MMI® interface to make song selections, scroll through the playlists and stations, browse new releases and charts and search the music library to explore new artists, genres and styles.

To access Amazon Music, Audi owners should:

1. Connect a compatible mobile device to the in-vehicle Wi-Fi*

2. Download the most recent Audi MMI® connect app to a compatible smartphone (version 2.9 or later)

3. Log into the MMI connect app with myAudi credentials

4. Swipe left to find Media

5. Click on Amazon Music and log in with Amazon credentials

6. Navigate Amazon Music through the vehicle’s MMI screen

Having used Audi’s app integration before, I know it needs some work. For instance, it struggles with Spotify. However, with full app integration, we’re expecting the new Amazon Music service to work well.

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Considering that Amazon is basically taking over the world and almost every human on Earth has an Amazon Prime membership, this is a smart move by Audi.

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