Audi Mexico organizing Supplier Day on August 20 at San Jose Chiapa factory

Audi Mexico has announced plans to organize a Supplier Day at its factory in San Jose Chiapa. On this occasion, AUDI AG has invited more than 200 people and dozens of suppliers from North America to participate at this special event on August 20 as a way to reach the company’s objective to try and achieve a 90% of the value of each Q5 crossover made in Mexico to come from materials, suppliers and processes based in Mexico, United States and Canada.

Once all of the supplier objectives will be achieved, Audi estimates that no less than 20,000 indirect jobs would be created at supplier facilities throughout North America, in addition to the 1,800 employees which are expected to work at the factory in San Jose Chiapa, Mexico. At the moment of writing, Audi says they are approximately two-thirds of the way to fulfilling the 90% goal.

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Quality-inspection trainer Minerva Leon (right), of Audi Mexico
Quality-inspection trainer Minerva Leon (right), of Audi Mexico

The main idea behind this Supplier Day is to allow suppliers to explain and demonstrate their capabilities to executives from Audi and also to meet with members of the Audi Mexico team to see whether some relationships can be developed to boost the local activity of the marque which is in charge of putting together the Q5.

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