Audi Mexico creates 1,000 jobs at new supplier park

Audi Mexico has announced plans to build a new supplier park located south of the Audi plant in San José Chiapa. At this newly established facility approximately 1,000 jobs will be created as part of Audi Mexico’s commitment to create jobs in the NAFTA region. The automaker says over the next ten years more than 20,000 jobs could be created in the area.

In addition, Audi estimates that on a medium term more than 65 percent of sourced parts necessary to manufacture the Q5 will come from North America, with the percentage to grow to 90 percent in the long term.

The supplier park’s JIS (just-in-sequence) first phase is programmed to kick off towards the end of the year while series production of the second-gen Audi Q5 (for global markets) is slated to commence in 2016. Seven of more than one hundred suppliers from the NAFTA area are going to move to this new supplier park which in the initial phase of development will occupy no less than 258,333 sq ft. (24,000 square meters).

Supplier selection has already started and when production of the all-new Q5 will start, local content will represent about 65 percent but it will later on rise to 90 percent.

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