Audi mechanic in Canada takes home customer’s S4

An Audi mechanic was bold enough to go home with a customer’s S4 brought for servicing. It happened in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the Glenmore Audi dealership where Chris Jackson brought his Audi S4 for servicing. He left the car there and returned on Saturday to take something from inside the cabin but the car wasn’t there anymore. Naturally, he started asking questions and the reply he received was almost unbelievable.

A representative of Glenmore Audi said “it’s ok, just go home, your car’s fine, it’s probably just somewhere on the lot. We can’t find it.” Obviously, Chris didn’t go home and argued with the dealership staff for two and a half hours and also called the police. Employees of the dealership started phoning mechanics that were not at work and found out one of them actually took the Audi S4 home.

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Not only did he take it home, but in the process that Audi mechanic covered no less than 310 miles. He justified his actions by saying he wanted to test the car’s navigation system which had some problems. As you would imagine, the S4 owner was very upset and we won’t be too surprised if he will decide to press charges against the Glenmore Audi dealership.

As a final note, the Audi S4 in the image is not the car mentioned in the article.

via cbc.ca

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