Deal Between Audi and McLaren Apparently Still Possible

Last week, Autocar semi-broke the internet by publishing a story with a title that definitively claimed Audi had bought McLaren outright. The article followed weeks of rumors of Audi looking to buy a part of McLaren to get the British supercar brand’s Formula One team. When Autocar’s story broke, the internet exploded with frenzied enthusiasts, both happy and angry at the decision. However, shortly after the story, McLaren denied the claim that Audi had bought the British brand and said the story was completely false. Audi declined to comment.


Now, though, it seems that a deal between the two brands is still very much on the table. When the aforementioned news first broke, followed by McLaren’s swift denial, we said it’s entirely possible that the two brands were working on a deal but it just wasn’t finalized yet. It seems that might be true.

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According to this new report from Reuters, the two brands are currently working on a deal and spoke about it during Audi’s supervisory board meeting last Wednesday. If a deal is done, it won’t likely be done until after the new year.


We’d be lying if we said we didn’t hope such a deal is done. McLaren is one of the best supercar makes of all time and its Formula One team partnership would be hugely beneficial for Audi. Not only that but McLaren apparently has an all-new, lightweight, carbon fiber chassis it’s been looking to sell to other brands. If Audi were to buy McLaren, it would naturally get such chassis technology to use for its own supercars, potentially electric ones. It would also allow McLaren to borrow Audi’s electrified technologies, helping it to develop its own hybrid and electric vehicles. A partnership between both brands would be mutually beneficial and, since both brands are brands we love, it would be great for us enthusiasts.

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[Source: Reuters]
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