Audi A8 looking to overhaul suspension for upcoming models

Audi has always been heavily criticized for having unnecessarily harsh suspension in its luxury models, especially in Europe where roads can be pretty harsh. Audi also gets criticized for its uninspiring handling in a lot of its sportier models. However, the four-ringed brand is about to change all of that, starting with the upcoming Audi A8.


The current MLB-based Audi models, such as the new Audi A4 and Q7, seem to be far improved in the ride and handling category. Both cars are far more supple and far more dynamic than the models they replace. But there’s still room for improvement. Audi plans on implementing new steering and suspension technology with the next Audi A8.

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Audi claims that recalibrating the electrically-assisted power-steering is easy enough to do and new technologies have been developed to increase meaningful feel while filtering out unnecessary feel. There will also be new suspension technologies implemented to increase ride comfort, while eliminating body roll and adding in sporty dynamics. Audi recently teased a new suspension setup and technology that will not only increase ride comfort and handling dynamics, but will also aid in fuel economy for hybrid and EV models.

Electromechanical rotary damper
Electromechanical rotary damper

What’s great about this news is that Audi is willing to take a look at the criticism coming from fans and enthusiasts and make some changes. The folks in Ingolstadt aren’t happy about the other German brands getting attention for their dynamics, so they’re looking to put themselves into the conversation. The new Audi models, such as the aforementioned A4 and Q7, along with the new A5, are far better than ever before, so the brand is trending upward. However, Audi is looking to get even better and the next-gen A8 is where it starts.

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