Audi could be looking to join Formula One

Awhile back, Audi sadly left the World Endurance Championship, a motorsport series it dominated during its time in it. Audi was the most successful brand in the WEC during its tenure but the VW Group’s diesel scandal forced Audi to make an early exit. It was a sad day when Audi announced its departure, with even its competitors saying sad (or happy) goodbyes. However, there is good news in the world of motorsport for four-ringed fans, as it’s possible that Audi is making a push to join Formula One.

It’s recently been reported that a representative from Audi has been sent to Paris to influence Formula One’s engine regulations. A lot of the reason for this is that Volkswagen recently claimed that it, or any of its brands, would be entering F1 until its ownership and regulations changed. Well, it turns out that its ownership did change, as American media conglomerate, Liberty Media, recently bought the rights to F1 last year. So that means that one of VW’s concerns has been relieved and the other seems to be in the works.

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There’s also the connection that Audi Sport, the brand’s motorsport division, has with the Sauber F1 team. A man by the name of Jörg Zander used to be Audi Sport’s Head of Technology and he went to work for Sauber after Audi dropped out of the WEC. Sauber F1 has also worked with German manufacturers before, such as BMW. So maybe Audi could partner up with Sauber or possibly recruit Zander back away from them.

Either way, it seems that Audi is at least entertaining the possibility of Formula One. Can you imagine an Audi F1 car tearing up circuits across the world? That’s an exciting idea.

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