Should Audi be looking at Honda of EV inspiration?

Audi recently debuted a new electric concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week  — the Audi Aicon. It was a bit weird but mostly promising, technologically. However, it’s a bit bland looking and it didn’t really excite anyone at the show, nor any enthusiasts. But that’s not because it was an electric car. In fact, there was one electric car at Frankfurt that had enthusiasts buzzing, almost as if it were a mid-engine supercar. That exciting little EV didn’t come from Audi or BMW or Mercedes-Benz. Instead, it came from Honda.

The Honda Urban EV Concept is one of the coolest EV concepts we’ve seen in a very long time. It’s a very small hatchback designed to offer affordable and efficient urban transportation. Typically, that sort of car is complete snoozefest. But not the Honda Urban EV. It’s quirky and weird and hilarious. All at the same time. Just look at it. It’s adorable and I wanna put a leash on it and walk it around town. It’s fantastic.

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There’s a good reason as to why it’s so charming, too. It’s designed to be reminiscent of the original Honda Civic, a car that was incredibly loved by customers all over the world, enthusiasts and otherwise. Reason being was the it was not only affordable, efficient and easy to park, but it was fun to drive and was dripping with character. This new Urban EV Concept seems to have that same character and feeling, despite being completely electric.

While all the Germans are trying to out-do one another with flashy and absurdly-named EV concepts, Honda made the most interesting and exciting one yet. Not only is it exciting but it’s going to be cheap, unlike all of the wild German concepts that are going to cost damn-near six-figures. So while Audi is out there making the Aicon (can someone please tell me how to pronounce that?), it should be taking notes from Honda.

Nico DeMattia

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