Audi and LG reveal smartwatch at 2015 CES

Audi has collaborated with LG to develop a smartwatch which was unveiled recently at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The product doesn’t have a name yet as it’s only a prototype now but we do know that unlike most smartwatches which run on Google’s Android operating system, this one actually has WebOS. It’s an operating system created by the defunct Palm and originally came out back in 2009.

As for the smartwatch itself, once you hit the center button it will bring up a list of apps and their icons have been styled after LG’s smartphone user interface. The user gets to access the dialer, music, calendar, messages app, LG Health W and e-mail. There’s also an Audi app which grants control to various components of the paired car, such as unlocking the doors through an NFC connection.

It’s certainly a high-end smartwatch with an excellent finish and a stainless steel back which also boasts sapphire crystals. Aside from being water-resistant, the smartwatch also comes with another button mounted up top which once pressed it brings up a settings wheel displaying the battery percentage, signal strength and other similar details.

LG Audi smartwatch
LG Audi smartwatch

At the moment it’s unknown when a consumer version of the smartwatch will be launched.

via Android Central

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