Audi launching online sales for pre-owned cars

The traditional car-buying platform is going the way of the Dodo. Customers just don’t feel like dealing with the traditional car-buying experience: Going all the way down to the dealer lot, having to interact with commission-hawking salespeople who typically know less about the car than the customer and then having to deal with dealer markups and paperwork fees. It’s an experience that customers just don’t feel like dealing with anymore, especially among Millennials so used to having everything done through the internet. So there are many new online car-buying services surfacing, with Audi creating the latest one.

This new Audi car-buying platform is for Audi Approved: Plus used cars, which is extra helpful considering how sharkish used car salesmen can be. So from either their computer, mobile phone or tablet, customers can search for a car, select payment options, pay for the car, have it registered and schedule delivery, all without leaving their home.

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“It is important for us to have a digital solution that covers all the steps from start to finish and from which dealers and customers stand to gain equally,” says Martin Wallenborn, Head of Digitalization Sales Germany, “For Audi partners online sales are a useful addition to dealership outlets. For the first time, customers can complete all the steps involved in the car purchase, including finance, conveniently, simply and securely online.”

Audi first started out with a pilot phase, connecting 70 dealerships throughout Germany to this program. Now, Audi is expanding it to 200 dealers. Cars can be searched from any one of the registered dealers, irrespective of where the customer lives. Then, the customer can have the car delivered to their home from wherever the car is.

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This is just part of Audi’s push to create a comprehensive digital dealership, which will be a joint project between Audi, the dealerships and Audi Financial Services. “By involving all project partners from the outset, we managed to integrate the requirements directly and practically into the project,” confirms Martin Wallenborn. “The result is a practical, intuitive platform for customers and dealers.” An upgrade to the sales portal with other additional services, service products and functions as well as integration of more partners is performed successively.

The traditional car-buying platform is dying. The idea of having to drive to a dealer, choose a car and haggle with a salesperson is an antiquated way of buying a car and, frankly, one that customers are sick of. Platforms like these will help move car-buying into the future.

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