Audi launches new connect services: myCarManager & myService

Audi is introducing two brand new connect services: myCarManager and myService. The first one is available for those who have the newest A4 and Q7 models and download the revised version of the Audi MMI Connect smartphone app which now includes myCarManager. With this new software you can use a smartphone or an Apple Watch to remotely lock and unlock the doors of your Audi and also control the auxiliary heating system which is available as an optional on both models.

In addition, through this app you can check out various information about the car such as if the doors and windows are opened or closed, how much fuel you have, if the hood is open and also verify if the lights are turned on or not. The app will tell you about mileage, car’s location and also the estimated range you have left based on the quantity of fuel in the tank.

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Audi MMI connect smartphone app

Besides the myCarManager, Audi is also rolling out a new myService section which provides an easy and fast access to emergency services as well as online roadside assistance. Interestingly, a function called Audi Service Request will send the car’s data to an Audi dealer two weeks prior to servicing, so the dealer will contact the car owner to set up an appointment.

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