Audi Launches Mission:Zero — An Environmental Biodiversity Program

This is a strange time for automakers, as the world and market they exist in is changing rapidly. Not only do they need to switch over to electrification as soon as possible but they also need to help give back to the environment. Cars themselves pollute the air but so too does the manufacturing of cars. So brands like Audi are looking to help give back, to help save the environment and Audi’s Mission:Zero is a program to do just that.


The United Nations has declared this decade the “Decade of Biodiversity”. Audi’s Mission:Zero environmental program is focused on four major areas: decarbonization with a clear focus on sustainable production, economical water use, resource efficiency, and the preservation of biodiversity.

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At Audi’s production facility in Münchsmünster, the open designs and spaces are a lighthouse project for biodiversity. Its facility in Ingolstadt is a valuable habitat for many animal and plant species and seventeen hectacres of space at the Münchsmünster have also been converted into animal habitats.


“We are celebrating five years of membership in the Biodiversity in Good Company initiative in 2020 and we want to show that we take nature conservation seriously with the projects at our locations,” said Rüdiger Recknagel, Head of Environmental Protection. “The natural areas are a successful example of sustainable corporate management: They are especially valuable ecologically and usually also cheaper to maintain than standard green spaces with high maintenance requirements. What’s more, employees experience a special quality of rest and relaxation during breaks.”

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All of this shows that Audi is committed to helping to clean up the environment, fight climate change and reduce its carbon footprint. It’s no surprise that Audi has also become one of the leaders in electrified technology, rather quickly, with the launch of several new electrified models in just two years. There will also be more e-tron models to come and Audi is looking to electrify more of the current models.

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