Audi to launch Apollo-themed commercial to show off Audi Lunar Quattro moon rover

Audi is going to the moon. Since 2015, the Ingolstadt-based brand has been working with PTS (Part-Time Scientists), a Berlin-based group of scientists, to develop a new lunar rover. They’ve been working together to create a new rover that utilizes Audi’s expertise in electric drivetrains and Quattro all-wheel drive, two things necessary for moon driving. Dubbed the Audi Lunar Quattro, this lunar rover will really be going to the moon, scheduled to touch down in 2019, making it the very first private moon mission in history. To show off its new project, Audi will be releasing this new special commercial, honoring the Apollo moon missions.

In the commercial, two astronauts walk the moon’s surface in the year 2030 and they spot the tracks of the different missions before them. They see a footprint, which belongs to Neil Armstrong from the very first moon mission. Then, they see remnants of the 1972 moon mission, the Apollo program’s final mission. After a bit more walking, they see some tire marks. “Audi. Quattro.” the one astronaut says.

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We then see the Audi Lunar Quattro driving on the moon’s terrain, headed toward a moon base that’s been setup, hinting that we’ll soon have a science base on our moon in the coming years.

It’s a good commercial and one that’s almost as good as the excellent “Starman” commercial that Audi aired during the Super Bowl a couple years back. This is more important, though,a s it’s pointing toward Audi making a very serious scientific contribution to the world.

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